Friday, June 28, 2013

Don't Start A Business.

Chances are you know many dreamers. These are people who love to talk the talk but never will walk the walk when it comes to business. These people are too busy reviewing the numbers and trying to consult and learn about ever risk involved with their potential business venture. While we all want to navigate the waters of business as accurately as possible, it just isn't possible.

People who are afraid to take a chance on themselves will never have anyone else truly interested in investing in them. I'm noting my top 5 "I'm going to start a business but...." excuses. Yes, I have heard them all!

1. I have no money. I laugh at this because I came from nothing. Literally, nothing. And, I'm not alone. Richard Branson started Virgin with $200 dollars. Money is no factor for those who don't have it. Like Nike said - just do it.

2. I'm waiting for the economy to turn around. This is a lame excuse, too. When is the economy going to ever be right to start a business? Businesses are challenging. Most don't make money the first one or two years. There will never be a set of perfect circumstances to help your business get off of the ground. You have to make the most of the economy, not be afraid of it.

3. People say it won't work. Do you do everything people tell you to? If so, you need more help then my blog can offer! My own mother told me I wouldn't amount to.... anyway, don't be afraid to define yourself. After all, it is more scary to be defined by others.

4. I don't want to quit my job until I have money rolling in. Well, then you're not committed to your idea. Again, there are no perfect circumstances. You have to sacrifice things to get a business off of the ground. If you can't walk away from your job, you're not fit to run a business.

5. I need more input. No one is going to give you their business secrets. Advice yes, secrets no. So, you will never have a blueprint as to what is going to work and what is going to fail. Don't let a quest for input allow opportunities to pass you by.


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