Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is Productivity Your Enemy? It Might Be!

Here is sit on a Saturday writing about productivity. I can because I've completed all my work for the week. Yes, I have the weekend off. This doesn't mean I am sitting around doing nothing. I am using my extra time to be productive. Let me write a blog, research new business ideas, seek out old clients that may use my services- see, I'm taking charge of my destiny. Are you? I've found people who are "too busy" to accomplish anything really use that phrase as an excuse to not do anything. "Too busy" is starting to be the best excuse for people who like to dodge responsibility. But, if you are trying to be productive and just can't get it right then follow the following tips. I promise these tips will help you become more productive!

Write down your tasks- all of them. This is going to start off as becoming overwhelming. As you take count of each unfinished, yet important, task- you will begin to feel buried alive. Don't! Once you have all of your tasks on paper- number them in the order of importance. Next, write down which numbers need be completed daily, which ones have to be finished within the next week and then which ones have 3-6 month results goals. Schedule accordingly. Don't leave work until you are finished with each daily scheduled goal.

I find this method helps increase productivity, keeps you focused on your goals, and helps you not be overwhelmed every single day of what has to be done.

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Happy Saturday,

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