Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Save Your Business From Disaster!

Emergencies can happen in business. The best offense is a great defense. I've jotted down a few ways to prevent a disaster when it comes to running your business. If you have some tips- please share them with me. I love learning new things and I can share your suggestions with my Twitter followers, too.

First, never leave financial items to a single person. Always have a few people cross checking financial work. You should spot check accounts vs. work, too. And, have a Forensic Accountant review your financials every once in a while. Don't ignore or not spot check accounts because you don't understand one financial concept or another. If you don't understand your finances, or business finances, take a class and become involved. There are dishonest people out there. Knowing how to spot them is key.

Change your company passwords every sixty days. You also have to be careful as to who has passwords and to what account. More so, don't keep your personal and private business matter passwords running the same as employee access passwords. I knew a lady who ran a company and her password to everything was "5679". Employees who had access to Twitter used "5679" as the password per her direction. Well, she had to fire one employee. This employee hacked into her personal Facebook page, business voicemail, and banking accounts using the password "5679". Always change your passwords and never mix your personal passwords with employee access passwords.

Document everything. If your company doesn't have an HR department then documentation is going to be your friend. If you have to discipline an employee or notate a potential client issue then document everything as it is happening. Don't put documentation off to later. Details will be forgotten. Details that can save your company from being sued.

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