Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 Reasons Customers Pay More!

No matter if you sell services or products, you will have to raise your rates at one point or another. SO, why would your customers continue to buy and not seek out a competitor? Well, I've got the top 5 reasons!

1. Ease. Customers will pay up to 30% more than a competitor if your products/services are easier to obtain.

2. A "Must-have" feature. Showing value to a customer is easy when you have a "must-have" feature. Figure out an angle and sell-it!

3. Customer service. If you have a great customer service and/or loyalty program- you're in like Flynn.

4. Growth. If your customer's business is growing so quickly that he or she doesn't have time to cost compare- they will likely stay with you even though you've raised rates.

5. Personal relationships. A customer has to like the experience of buying products or services. Who would have thought people, in today's economy, would continue to buy $4.00 cups of coffee at Starbucks? People love the experience of Starbucks, which is why the company just raised rates and no one flinched.

It is very possible to increase costs during this time. You just need to know how to do it.

Happy selling,

Twyla Garrett

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