Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Failure.... Why It's Great for You!

I have a series of books coming up regarding the topic of failure. People are so afraid of failing. They are concerned what other people may think of them. Really, failure is a beautiful thing. Failure allows for growth. Personally and professionally- having a failure is needed to expand and increase profits. That's right- you really do have to learn from your mistakes.

Failure makes you become a patient person. You have to learn patience when you fail, which is a needed lesson in today's quick-to-act social media culture. Not everything needs an answer NOW!

Failure also grounds who you are. Your job is not all that you are. Most people believe this. It isn't true. You are not one sided. Failure allows you to push yourself forward and enhances the creative process. Without failure, you are only your job. With failure, your possibilities are endless.

If you're not seeing my point here- you have never failed in life or in business. It will happen. Just make sure failure doesn't defeat you when it happens. Oh yeah, failure teaches persistence!


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