Friday, September 20, 2013

The X Factor of Business

I've discussed this topic more than once. The key to running a business isn't solely based on book smarts. You also have to be street smart savvy. This requires possession of charm, or as I like to call the 'X Factor' ability. Not everyone is born with it, but you can mirror some of the aspects.

What are they?

1. Appearance. Don't be off trend and don't go for trend setting clothing. Find a wardrobe that expresses class and pay attention to the details. Paying a lot of accessories, beautiful manicures (yes, men too) and keeping your hair clipped and colored will signal that you care how you present yourself to people- a charmers first secret to success.

2. Eye contact is everything. Don't stare at your phone, other people, or the floor. Stay focused on the person you are speaking to or who is speaking with you. Engagement is a big factor when it comes to charming another person.

3. Command a crowd. This takes practice. First, you need to know what it is you're talking about. Don't just speak about your opinions- back them up with facts and by citing the occasion opposing view. Second, use humor to keep peoples' attention and not to sound boring. If you're a great story teller, you can sell anything- including yourself!

4. Other people are more important. This is the biggest part of using charm to help your business grow. All you have to do is listen to other people talk about themselves. If you do this, they will look forward to your company!

Have a great weekend!

Twyla Garrett

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