Thursday, September 26, 2013

Become Wanted

The best asset you can create for yourself in business is to become wanted. Even if you are just starting out, creating a mystique for yourself as a "must have" product creator or service provide will sell itself. So, how do you become "wanted?"

Easy. Well, sort of. I've put together three tips to help you gain the mojo to drive clients and potential clients crazy and sales onward and upward.

1. Curiosity. I can say this enough. A curious quality if a profitable one. Be curios. Ask your clients questions. Have a desire to need more. Get people to talk to you about themselves. They will find you an endearing service provider or product manager and will be coming back more and more and more.....

2. Be positive. People don't want to be around other people who are negative or gossip. People want to be around people who lift them up with a positive attitude. Even if you feel terrible, slap a smile on your face and pretend all is ok.

3. Be kind. Offer to help. Offer to correct problems. Volunteer your time. Make a donation. Do whatever you can to be considered as helpful and/or kind.

These three tips are pretty basic, but they work wonders. Tomorrow is Friday. Get out there and try using each one of these tips at least once throughout the day. I promise you it will change how people view you.

Twyla Garrett

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