Thursday, September 5, 2013

Creativity.... Yes, You CAN Develop It.

Most people believe you're either born creative or you're not. Well, this isn't 100% true. While some people are great at gardening, others might be good taking care of a single houseplant. The houseplant people may not know they are great gardeners. What's my point? Well, you might not think you're creative- but you might well be. You just need to learn how to develop your creativity.

Put 30 minutes aside today to try this exercise;

1. Sit somewhere that is distraction free. Make sure your cell phone is nowhere to be found.
2. Have a lined piece of paper and a pen- no pencils. Self-doubters use pencil.
3. Write down five ideas on how you can reinvent the concept of Starbucks.
4. Don't hesitate when you write down these ideas. Write down the first five concepts that enter your mind.
5. Scrunch the paper up. Toss it in the trash. Walk away.

Ok, you might be thinking this is crazy. It's not. This exercise is designed to get you analyzing business from a more creative perspective. If you do this every day (picking a different business each day) it really will help you within your own life and industry.

Happy reinventing!

Twyla Garrett

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