Monday, November 4, 2013

3 Not So Fab Customers!

Where's your next paycheck coming from. If you own a business, you might not know the answer. I received a question over the weekend dealing with customers and payments. When do you let one go? Well, I have some answers. First, you don't turn down money -ever. Instead, you screen potential money vs. people think they have money. Trust me, everyone does this when providing services. Next, know who the customer is and then decide if you want a relationship or continued relationship with him or her. Here is how to tell.

1. The Sour Puss. This is a customer who is happy with you for the moment, but not loyal. If he or she could find cheaper- they would. This type of customer is dangerous. Why? He or she can be unhappy for one small reason and will forget all the major things you have done to help him or her. These customers sour pretty fast and don't hesitate to write nasty things all over the Internet about you and your company. If you'd bidding for a contract with a sour puss, pass. If you have one now, don't renew.

2. Oz The Not So Powerful. Every have a client remind you ten times a day how much money he or she is spending at your company? Well, that is because he or she has no authority in every other aspect of their lives and will use whatever they pay for as a chance to try and command power. This type of person is a pain in the butt and not worth the money they will pay you. They are seeking a chance to flaunt authority more than anything else. Don't renew this client if you have this type of person as a customer.

3. The Check Was Mailed Mama. Have a client that doesn't pay on time or needs payment arrangements? Pass! If they can't afford you, find someone who can. The second you lower your rate, give a break on a late fee penalty, etc. know that you're sending a message that your time and payments aren't important. Ditch this type of client.

Doing business with people isn't always pleasant, but it doesn't mean you have to be a doormat. I say never turn down money but these three types of people are the exception to the rule.

Happy Monday!


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