Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two Types of Entrepreneurs

There are many thoughts on the "types" of entrepreneurs walking around the business world. Some people say there are five types, other say there are four, and some people believe we are all cut from one rigid, opportunist cloth! Well, I believe there are only two types of entrepreneurs in the world.

The "I Can, I will":

This type of entrepreneur is goal-orientated and goes into every business investment or bootstrap concept with very clear goals and expectations. This is the type of person who likes to collect, review and rereview data before, during and after specific business milestones.

The "Let's Go Get Them":

While data is important to this type of entrepreneur, it isn't going to make or break her dream of starting or investing in the right company. This person relies more on innovation and the promotion of the business then data that may predict failures or success. They are more street smart than book smart. They have a vision and they will do anything to make it happen, regardless of what any data sheet says.

There isn't a right or wrong type. In fact, the world is infused with both types, making "I can, I will" and "Let's Go Get Them" entrepreneurs resilient and also reliant on one another!

What type of entrepreneur do you think you are and why? Let this be your thought of the day.

Twyla Garrett

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