Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cyber 9-11 | It IS Possible

Today's post is dedicated to the topic of homeland security. My company, IME provides homeland security services, such as computer forensics. This brings me to the topic of a cyber 9-11. In a couple of weeks, this country will celebrate cyber Monday. A time when people spend the Monday after Thanksgiving shopping online and sharing personal information. Oh, and retailers receive a large amount of cash via the internet. So, is a cyber 9-11 possible? The answer is yes.

Many retailers are not aware there is a cyber security issue until the attack has occurred and already performed damage. Any business with a heavy web presence, especially one that collects data or money online, needs to have a reliable back-up plan should an attack occur, new approaches to identifying potential security breaches should be sought after, and we as consumers and business need to practice vigilance against potential threats. Cyber security and hackers should be taken seriously. Identify theft through cyber security tasks can help mask terrorists and transfers of cash can help fund plans- never a good thing!

While the majority of true potential internet risks surrounds our military data when it comes to security in cyber space, we should always be aware of our security systems and our weaknesses online.

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Twyla Garrett of IME

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