Thursday, November 14, 2013

Texting Clients- Why You Shouldn't!

I was recently asked if it is ok to text a client. My answer is always going to be 'no' and for a variety of reasons. First, let me say that office phones are still a must. I don't understand people who give their personal cell phone numbers to a client to close a deal and then become annoyed when the client texts or calls him or her. If you give your cell phone number to a client, you are giving him or her permission to call or text you anytime of the day, holiday or night! You can't become annoyed when they use the number after you made a sale.

Second, if you send a text to a client from your phone, you are opening up Pandora's box. Autocorrect's inability to work properly can result in the loss of the client or, in extreme cases, a lawsuit. Second, if you send or respond to a text, you're going to work outside of your designated hours. If you're not ok with this, don't respond or text the client.

Some people love texting their clients, but there is a lack of boundaries that comes with this practice. I say, to remain professional, refrain from texting your clients or providing them with your cell phone number in the first place. Use Twitter instead.

Twyla Garrett

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