Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Secret to Getting Your Customer's Attention!

Here's a challenge, a client pays you and then doesn't respond or is too busy to provide additional information. Or, worse, the client is too involved and telling you how to do your job. How do you deal with these situations? By getting your customer's attention.

Your customers hired you for a reason. Now, you just have to get them to listen to you. Not tell you what to do, not be unresponsive- but actually listen. Start by eliminating a lot of jargon. Be direct and simple. Instead of using big, fancy works every two seconds, just say what you need from the client (or what you're doing) in a sentence or two. Long emails will lose your clients. Even if you have to send a bullet list with a "let's meet" note at the bottom, do it. Don't ever send too much information or overused copy at once.

Explain things as if you're talking to a five year old. I know this sounds condescending, but if you use the right technique, your clients will appreciate it! Clients don't need to know how your office works, just that projects are being worked on or your products work. Again, simplicity is key.

Finally, if you have a difficult client over the period of a year, fire the client. You don't need to spend a lot of time on a client who needs extra hand holding or who is unresponsive. Instead, put your energy into finding a better client who is easier to work with.

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