Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Homeland Security ; The Mall!

Every Black Friday we come across one or two tragic stories. This happens each and every year. Is it a surprise masses will gather, and push there way forward, for great deals on electronics? No. So, why are we constantly watching people get trampled at Walmart on the news? Well, frankly, the answer is a lack of serious planning and procedures.

This actually is a homeland security issue, too. You have mass crowds in a confined space with almost no real security to prevent an issue. Beyond the tragic acts of people getting trampled on Black Friday, terrorists are presented with an opportunity of lots of people combined with poorly trained, seasonal security. We can do better than this. We owe it to one another to do better than this. Spending the extra money to have a company like mine (any company really) come in and identify potential issues before they happen is worth its weight in gold, and human life!

Right now is the time for malls and major department stores to be conducting lock-down drills and testing their security cameras. "Each of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's 56 field offices is meeting with local police and security personnel at area malls and shopping centers this month", said FBI spokesman Paul Bresson. But, mall operators and retailers have to be proactive about security year around and especially two Fridays from now.

I did some research and found a website with really great consumer advice for staying safe on Black Friday. Here's the link: In the meantime, retailers are welcomed to connected with me at for further info.

Stay safe out there,

Twyla Garrett

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