Friday, November 15, 2013

Save Time ; Outsource

Time is worth its weight in gold. The problem is many business owners run short on it daily. Don't do a bunch of things with partial attention to detail. Instead, do one thing and do it well. You want to live by this rule. I suggest hiring virtual personal assistants to take care of anything and everything for you. It will free up your time, make you pay more attention to detail, and you will be less stressed out.

Now, you can hire cheap or you can hire American. Many website are dedicated to providing virtual assistants as low as $3 dollars per hour but you're not getting American help. Other websites will provide you will American virtual assistants but the pay starts around $8 to $20 dollars an hour. Do what will work for you and within your budget. Note: If your company banks itself on hiring American- stay consistent with this belief.

The rule in business is you will close 20% of pitches. If you free up more time, you can bump this number to 30%!

Try to spend this weekend thinking about this and the benefits it can bring.

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