Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Are Your Employees Engaged?

Here is an issue not discussed much in business, employee satisfaction. Many employers believe they are doing a service to their employees by giving them a job. They believe employment is a win-win situation. The employees get an income, the employer gets works done. Well, this isn’t enough anymore.

Disengaged employees tend to provide poor customer service and sour the work culture. In order to engage your employees beyond a paycheck, it is crucial that customers are defined as the equivalent to gold. You have to constantly show leadership through customer appreciation to stress how important it is to treat customers with respect. If you put your customers first, your employees know they have to follow. They, in return, become engaged.

Next, you have to create subteams. That’s right, accountability teams. Don’t leave employees alone and behind their cubicles. Engagement goes beyond the name tag. For engagement to happen, create small groups within the company and allow them to meet twice a week for a half of an hour. This brain building / venting session brings employees together. It unites them and makes them feel as if they have a true leadership role, not just an employee badge number, within your company.

If you can lead up employee engagement, I promise you the customer service your company delivers will be amplified.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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