Monday, August 18, 2014

3 Ways to Push Your Website

Do you know how to keep your website competitive and fresh with customers? Well, if you are not doing all of the three tips below – then your website is lacking within the business world.

1. If you have a video graphic load in before someone can get into your website, you are failing. Your website has to be clean and easy to navigate. Opt-in load ins or video previews (without a pause or bypass option) are really bad news for content engagement.

2. Pop-up offers hurt you. I am really hopeful you have already come to the conclusion that pop up ads are just about completely considered as SPAM in today’s social media culture. You need to offer visitors to your website something of value, not a bunch of ads to click through. If you customer sees you have a lot of pop up ads on your website, you will have a lot of traffic that lands on your page and then clicks off of it within the first twenty seconds. Keep a static website without popups and you will be fine.

3. Navigation is everything. Don’t hide service or product tabs. Don’t make people search for them, either. If you have to send your visitors through one or more pages to get to a service or product page, you will be losing business.

I hope this information helps you take an impartial evaluation of your own website. It is easier to fix website deficiencies versus not addressing them and losing traffic and business!

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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