Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Networking and Building Relationships 102!

It is becoming more and more acceptable to network online, not in person. If you are starting from ground zero as a business person, finding emails to pitch and network to can be hard. So, the next move for people in this position is to network online and gain email contacts to develop real business relationships.

In order to do this is to start with Twitter first. You can find connections based on industry. For example, start conversations with a simple search on Twitter. If you are in auto sales, search “Auto Sales New York” and then follow all the people that come up. Next, start real conversations with the people returned in your results. Once you have their email address, set up a list that says “Twitter Auto Sales New York” and send eCards out on major holidays. These small steps make a big difference when it comes to online marketing.

Next, start a networking group on your Facebook page. This is a separate FB meant to generate new industry contacts, not sales. Why do this? Let’s say your workload is in overdrive and you can’t handle another client- well, you post the opportunity and contact in your group and say you are going to refer this person out in exchange for a list share. Then you gain something and your peers can bid for a lead based on your referral.

I hope these suggestions spark a boom in your online networking and relationships efforts. Don’t expect results overnight and don’t buy likes. You need to focus on making the connections and then keeping the connections and these two efforts take take.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla Garrett

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