Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ways to Grab Social Media Attention

It isn’t easy to be heard in today’s multi-media world. It is easy to publish writing, music, or video. That isn’t the question, however, here. The question is how many people are even aware of your social media account. Not many? Then you have to use tactics to grow engagement.

I hate automatic Tweeting or social media posting services. Sure, you can schedule your marketing calendar in advance, but your content isn’t going to be current. You need to post based on your industry trends, not just your specific promotions.

Be original. This is easier said versus done. Quirkiness is hard to teach. I would suggest you make your headlines a little off or play on the side of shocking. Don’t break any laws, be rude, or discriminatory when writing your headlines for social media. Instead, be bold. If your headline bores you, it bores everyone else.

I also would suggest you always use a photo or a logo with your posts. If you don’t have a photo to go with your posts, don’t steal / grab any off the web. Buy a stock photo account, take your own photos, or use your logo as a branded icon for your messages. Visuals always hook content readers quicker then paragraphs of text.

I hope this information helps you create a bigger social media audience!

Until next time,

Twyla N. Garrett

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