Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Can You Be Persuasive?

Part of owning a business, or being in sales, is knowing how to close a deal and be persuasive. Not too many people are masters of this art. You can pitch your product or services all day long, but if you can’t convince people to part with their money- your business will fail!

If you want to become better at selling your products or your services, you have to look to improve upon your convincing skills. I did my research and have developed 3 easy steps to becoming more persuasive. The first step is an easy one. Shut up! That’s right, stop talking. Many people sell themselves out of a sale because they keep talking. Instead, talk about how your product or services solves a problem for the potential client and then zip your mouth. If they’re interested, they will ask the questions and come to a conclusion quickly. If you keep talking, you complicate this process.

You also want to share both positives and negatives. If you promote your products or services as fail-proof, your client will not sign up with you. You want to WOW the audience and promote your product but you don’t want to stretch the truth or over promise. So, briefly touch on the negatives associated with your products and services and then move on. Again, shut up about the negatives after you have covered them.

Finally, slow down. If you talk fast, you have to learn to work on slowing down. Most people distrust a fast talker. This is a proven fact. People buy from people who speak using a regular pace and tone. Talking too fast, swearing, using a high-pitch voice, saying “yes” to everything- these are all red flags for people. If you use these tactics, you will not persuade a single person.

I hope these tips help you improve your sales. If they do, please share your story with me on Facebook or Twitter.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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  1. I have and continue to work on my fast talking. Thats for the encouragement.


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