Monday, August 4, 2014

Reasons to say ‘No’ to customers.

I’ve used this blog as a platform to help business owners not be bullied by potential business. The customer isn’t always right and you, as a business owner, retain the right to decline a request. I recently received a message asking when it is appropriate to say ‘no’ to a customer. So, I’m listing the top three reasons below. Enjoy!

1. The task is outside the contract. If the client asks you to do something outside the contract – even if they’re willing to pay for it- say no. Chances are the request isn’t something you are an expert in and the client will eventually be disappointed because of a lack of experience. Second, the service many not make sense for the company’s brand.

2. The customer is asking for something that doesn’t work to enhance their overall goal. Maybe you are designing a website and the customer wants hot pink font. Unless there is a really specific reason for this font, you would typically advise against this. It is OK in most cases to say ‘no’ to hot pink font. Stick up for your reasoning behind why saying ‘no’ means yes for their business.

3. The request is illegal. This seems obvious but some clients can be convincing. If your attorney or tax advisor would say ‘no’, then you have to decline the request.

I hope this clarifies when and why to turn a client / customer request down.

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Twyla N. Garrett

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