Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Create More Sales!

Every business could always use more sales. So, how do you get them? Well, there are a few tricks you can do to increase sales.

Start with shopping your competition. You may be way over the average price for your sales or services. Find out what your competitors are charging and then invent an incentive-based promotion to either tie their price or beat it.

Revisit your current customers. They are already spending money and working with you. What services could you offer them to add to their current contracts? Find a way to add service or products that will compliment their current needs and add more sales to your bottom line.

Finally, build honest relationships with people. Don't send out Spam promotions or pretend to care about your customer. Instead, send out meaningful email blasts and perform follow up calls to your customers (current, past and potential) to show your loyalty and interest in earning their business.

Following these three steps will really help start a sales surge. Sure, there are other techniques out there- but these three are the basis for a happy profit line.

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