Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do You Tattoo?

Here's a hot topic: tattoos. Today's work culture is becoming more laid back. More people work from home, don't wear full garb (jeans and t-shirts are becoming ok- even encouraged at companies like Zappos), and the strict dress codes of years past are almost obsolete. But, what about tattoos?

Well, allowing someone to work and show their tattoos is really left up to the individual employer. As an employee, you can be overlooked for a position because of a tattoo. There is no black and white answer right now. But, there seems to be a general rule about tattoos at work.... "If I see them, you're not hired- maybe in fired," said on HR Director.

The artwork associated with many tattoos is subjective, making the verbiage or image a liability for many companies. A customer can be offended by a tattoo and sue your company since your ambassador is wearing the artwork. In reality, not too many people would hire a woman with a tattoo around her chest to watch children, make coffee, or present at marketing meeting. The woman may be bright, kind, and far away from any stereo types that surround chest tattoos- but, she is still likely to not get a job because of the artwork.

If you have a tattoo- hide it. Unless a boss tells you otherwise, or indicates otherwise, showing your artwork at work is a bad idea.

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