Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Signs of Failure.

Are you failing in life? In business? Would you even know that you're failing when you're failing? Well, failing is something we will all have to deal with in business. The trick is getting back on the horse. In the meantime, if you have two or more of the symptoms below in business- you're failing and either need to restructure or close down and reboot.

#1. Your brand is all about you- the person.

Your brand should be about solving a problem for a client or consumer. People invest money in themselves, not you.

#2. You hire your employees super fast.

If you're hiring someone the same day they are interviewed- you have a problem. You need to do a background check and interview at least 20 candidates for a single job before making a decision. Hiring someone too fast may mean you're hiring the wrong person.

#3. Over promise and under deliver.

If you tell clients a bunch of junk just to get their business, and then you fail to deliver, the word is going to spread. Especially with the power of social media being at everyone's cell phone carrying finger tips.

#4. Delegate sales.

If you're not selling your company, your sales people won't either. You need to be closing contracts and making deals- not sales people. They can discount your company, refer other companies, missbrand your company.... the nightmares can go on from here. You need to be involved in the day-to-day sales of your company... period!

#5. Break the trust of your customers.

Don't ever lie in business. This can hurt your companies in so many ways that I can't list them all here. Lying will ruin your company and your reputation.

Happy weekend,

Twyla Garrett

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