Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Name Your Business 101

If you're thinking of starting a business then you're going to need a great name. Not just a name that's clever and will stick in the mind of customers and potential customers, but a name that is going to rank high within search engines and introduce you to an online demographic. So, how is the perfect name selected?

Well, start with knowing what names are taken. Don't use another company's name or try to use the name just spelled differently. It will make your company harder to find and it tells customers you weren't really interested in finding the right name for your brand. Always Google potential company names first.

You also want to do the 'Interesting' test. What's this you ask? The 'Interesting' test is a way to brainstorm that is more effective. Grab yourself 20 blank pieces of paper- no lines. Next, think of the most interesting words possible. Put one word on each page. Then, walk away for twenty-four hours. When you do come back to the pages, read each one. Think about the emotion it creates within yourself. Try mixing and matching words together to develop a name or to inspire other interesting words. This process helps, trust me!

Finally, make sure your name tells a story. The 'Interesting' test is a great way to formulate a name but it also must depict what your company does in one to three words. Oh, and don't have a name longer than three words- it usually won't stick.

Naming your company is one of the most important and exciting elements associated with starting a business. Enjoy the process.

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