Monday, July 1, 2013

Start a Business for $100 Dollars.

They will say it can't be done..... starting a business with $100 dollars in your wallet. Whoever 'they' are don't have a clue about ambition. The fact is you can start a business with less than $100 dollars in your pocket. Here's how;

1. Don't overly think about your challenges. If you do, you won't take the risk. Life is a risk, you need to take chances in order to get somewhere. So, start your business today without thinking about failure. After all, if it doesn't work out you only invested $100 dollars!

2. Spend your money on advertising or memberships to websites that will provide you potential clients. You can worry about marketing, ad space, licensing, etc. later. Start by approaching clients and have your first few clients pay for the technicalities of starting a business.

3. Worry about your web presence. GoDaddy sells domains for under a dollar. All you have to do is Google this phrase. By your business domain now- even if you have to wait on the website. This is an important part of your future business.

Again, don't be scared to start your business. Take your idea and run with it. If the idea is good- all else will fall into place.


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