Thursday, July 25, 2013

Web Traffic - The Art of Getting Visitors

I really don't want to hear or read about another SEO tactic. While SEO is great, is shouldn't be relied upon. Real traffic is based upon real content that engages readers and subtly promotes a product or a service. SEO is based on key words being repeated over and over and over. The readers lose interest. So, if you want to produce a lot of web traffic, write for the right reasons.

You also want to make sure your writing staff is fact checking and citing real resources, not just writing opinions for the sake of controversy.

Speaking of controversy, opinions backed by facts are great. This is called engagement, not war. You want engagement and not a social media war. The war can kill your business, the engaging content will boost your customer base and web traffic.

The worst thing you can do to gain web traffic is purchase it. Click farms and spinners aren't real numbers. While the figure might be impressive on paper, it does nothing for your conversion rate and many investors or potential clientele know about, and can spot, click farms.

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