Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Secret to Success

You want to be happy and successful in business, right? Well, the truth is they don't always go hand-in-hand- well, not at the very start of a venture. But, you can get to a place where you are happy and successful at the same time. Here's how;

1. Wake up and define a single expectation for the day. Don't list more than one or you will become overwhelmed. Keep a blank piece of paper next to your bed or on your dinning room table. When you wake up, even before you hit the bathroom, write down your single expectation for the day. When you come home from the table it will be an interesting test to see if you met the expectation or not. If not, consider why and then fix the issue tomorrow.

2. Make a list. Once you have set up your expectation for the day consider your next task. Start by making a list of the items you need to complete during the day and then schedule out how and when they will be completed. Having a plan for the day can keep you relaxed, focused and driving towards success.

3. Give a gift to everyone you meet. Yes, a gift to every new person in your life. You can easily send a five dollar Starbucks gift certificate via email to new personal and/or business contacts. It helps you stand out, show you care, and bridge potential future business leads.

These three things may seem small- and they are. But don't forget that small changes and yield big results!

Until next time,

Twyla Garrett

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