Thursday, January 16, 2014

3 Features Your Website’s Front Page Must Have!

Great websites can sell their products without a customer every calling into to ask questions. So, what makes for a great website? After reading tons of articles online, and speaking with friends and clients, I’ve nailed down the three features every great website must contain.

#1. Contact information. While this seems obvious, many companies are so afraid of Spam that they refuse to put anything other than an 800 number on their website. Why? Spam is against the law and easy to report and get rid of now at days. You should have an 800 number, a regular number, a fax number and at least two email addresses (one generic and one personal) on your website to make consumers feel you’re willing to be reached.

#2. Images that say what you do without words. These shouldn’t be stock images or images of people at a meeting. They should be specific pictures that define who you are and what your company does without someone reading any part of your website. If you sell cars, photos of a car lot will work. If you sell steak, a photo of your steak works best. Be clear and tell a story through visual images on page one.

#3. Social media links. Don’t save these for the contact page. Customers should be able to see what you’re writing and posting on your social media accounts because it forms an immediate and emotional relationship, which has been proven to increase sales.

If you have these three elements on the front page of your website, you’re in great shape.

Until next time,

Twyla Garrett

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