Friday, January 17, 2014

How to Get Oprah Money.

Want to know the number one phrase I hear as a business owner? “Oprah,” is the most popular word / phrase that I hear. From people pitching me as the next “Oprah” of business to people stating they need to get their products and books on “Oprah’s” show – it seems I can’t escape the word.

Oprah didn’t have a blog to read about success. She used her resources, merit and talent to expand her brand. She will be the first to admit it wasn’t easy. Luckily, you have a blog to read free business tips on. Since I hear of Oprah so often, I decided to share her secret to financial success.

Yes, this popular infographic is floating around the internet (still can’t escape Oprah) and I figured my readers would love to see it, and share their comments on it, this Friday.

So, enjoy and I will have more for you on Monday!


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