Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SEO and Your Business

Are you SEO savvy? If you don’t know what SEO itself means, chances are you’re not. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A few years back everyone was chasing the SEO content boom. As social media outlets progressed, SEO now has to be blended with actual content- not just key words.

SEO words are picked up quicker by Google and other search engines. This is why websites in the past had a lot of key word (or SEO content) that made no sense or didn’t really say anything at all. Things are changing, again, and 2014 is going to change how internet prowlers and content writers use SEO as an element to capture business.

First, branding has to be more important than just getting content online. This is opposite of a few years past. If your branding and content isn’t providing real info, it’s not working.

Second, Google is relying more than ever on human signals in the form of shares and mentions on social media to help vet sites. What does this mean? If you’re not placing social media sharing tags on every form of content you write or publish, it isn’t being recognized as a searchable asset in Google. Finally, purposing how your SEO content words work together. You should have content, key words and links in this order. Any other priority and your efforts will not produce results.

I hope this helps you steer how you will drive your digital marketing efforts in 2014.


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