Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Branding and Sales

Here’s a business secret most entrepreneurs don’t want you to know…. They started their companies with an idea only, not a true foundation to what it is they are selling. Yes, many business owners started with a “Sell first, figure the rest out later” plan.

While you shouldn’t bank your entire organization’s success on this type of thinking, there is something to be said for building value with sales before it actually exists. So, how do you do this? First, understand how your services or products can help solve a problem for your potential client. If you can show him or her not how great your services / products are but how they will actually fix a challenge, you’re golden when it comes to value.

Next, understand your prospect’s ambitions and tailor your pitch to meet these. If you can’t meet the client’s ambitions, don’t promise to. You will both be disappointed in the end. Be honest but be prepared to sell the value in accomplishing goals for your client- or at least in helping him or her get there.

Selling your services or products as a new company (sometimes even as an established one) can be hard but that doesn’t mean it will not work. Be persistent and be ready to show how much value your potential client may be losing by not hiring you!

Until tomorrow,

Twyla Garrett

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