Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why Our Homeland Security Panel Chief Is Worried About Sochi.

Russia isn't helping alleviate the security concerns many countries have regarding Sochi right now. The Olympic games that will commence in Sochi, Russia on February 7th are already at the center of controversy because of security concerns. Homeland Security's Panel Chief Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul told CNN today an improvement is needed in intelligence-sharing between Russia and the United States. And he voiced concern about the risk of a suicide bomber setting off an explosive device.

We should, as a global society, be concerned and there is always room to do more when it comes to security. Does this mean Russia's current efforts and that of the other involved countries are falling short? No. Because of my position with IME, overkill and over preparedness is a very good thing when it comes to security issues. I can understand where Mr. McCaul is coming from and I can understand how the companies and other efforts involved don't want spend time reviewing what might go wrong any longer when efforts can be focused making sure things go right.

The FBI has sent agents to Sochi to help in counterterrorism activities, and the Pentagon has offered to provide military assistance. Two Navy ships stationed in the Black Sea are available, if Americans need to be evacuated. President Obama also spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin by phone on Tuesday to discuss security during the Olympics. Things are getting better when it comes to Olympic security and McCaul, who recently toured Sochi agrees despite his recent statements.

I'll be posting special blogs on the issues of security, international collaboration and more throughout the Olympics. Continue to check in here for more information and updates. In the meantime, check out my eBook on Homeland Security for sale at

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