Thursday, February 14, 2013

Business Apps that YOU must have!

Business owners are always seeking ways to improve their lives and organize tasks. I've compiled, as my own Valentine's Day treat for you, the best business apps out there!

#1. UberConference.
Solve the conference call nightmare! This app puts faces to names. You can actually know who is talking when using this app, which is a common problem with paid and free conference calling services.

#2. Evernote.
If you manage projects with several team members, this app is for you! Why? All the people who are involved with working on a project are able to place their notes, drafts and research - even audio clips and photos - into one big notebook. And, there are permission settings to ensure projects are not manipulated improperly.

#3. Nimble
Nimble will make your sales force cry, in a good way! This app pulls all clients', and potential clients', social media info and puts it in one place. Now, you can gain access and info as to what the opinions of your clients are and their likes and dislikes. This helps sales people close deals, compete and gain a competitive edge.

I hope your Valentine's Day is enjoyable and I will post more business ideas and news tomorrow!


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