Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Biggest Tech Trends!

Are you in the tech business? Maybe looking to become more tech savvy? Well, good thing you are here today. I'm listing my biggest tech trend predictions for business during 2013. Don't see your favorite trend on this list? Share it with me! Leave a comment of find me on Twitter!

1.Online workforce. Yes, hiring an online workforce and setting up a "virtual" office saves money in many ways, but it also promotes happier employees. You can hire an entire new team of professionals, each located in their home offices across the country or globe. Or, you can take your current workforce and let them work from home. Get rid of the office overhead and internal employee fights or potential sexual harassment issues by setting up an online workforce!

2. Grow your online business. Yes, don't rely on customer-to-business traditional sales anymore. More and more people are buying online without ever speaking to a customer service rep or a sales person from a company. Make your products or services easy to navigate so the purchase power stays with the online consumer.

3. Cut back on your IT department. Yes, I said it. Even in a virtual business playing field, today's culture means more people are computer Savvy and there are more independent contractors willing to charge less to come out and fix (properly) your computer issues. So, you will not be needing that "on call" IT department any longer.

4. The cloud.... Yes, I do love the cloud. Why? Any business owner knows what a necessity it is. The cloud is powerful and comes with services and new security systems emerging to support mobile, transitory, and an flexible workforce. Maybe you are keeping the office but now there is a blizzard. Employees are forced to stay home because streets are closed. The cloud allows your workforce to adapt to working from home on the days it may be required. Cut down on loss of work or employees from calling in sick because they are "contagious." Get the most bang for your employing buck by using the cloud!

5. The end of Facebook. We all see it coming so I am calling it. Companies spent the last few years going bonkers over a tight Facebook presence. The truth is Twitter is growing and Facebook is failing. Twitter allows people to be engaged and get direct answers and concerns immediately resolved. So, focus more on Twitter this year.

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