Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to waste time in business!

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to business owners are those who seek success but also pray for miracles or reach for silver bullets. You have to put the time in. Not a single person who has been successful in business wished their way there. No one has a magic wand. So, if you are not going to commit to your business and you plan on using shortcuts, know that you are wasting your time!

Let's be honest here.... a lot of people TALK about owning or starting a business. But, many don't because there really is no shortcut to launching a business or finding funding. So, why put in all the work to launch a product or brand and then give up by using shortcuts or hoping for miracles when it comes to sales and marketing? Do you see where I am going with this? recently noted "hoping for shortcuts" as their number three time waster. I disagree. It is the number one time waster in business because shortcuts mean that you don't care! And, if you don't care - don't go into business.

Do you know time wasters? People who love shortcuts or those who wish for magic wands and avoid problems? If so, let's continue this conversation on Twitter. Feel free to DM me.


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