Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Problems Associated with Focus!

Alright business owners, I'm talking to you here. Focus is an issue when you own and run a business. I'm sure you already know how it feels to be in charge of many things at once. So, what are the two major issues associated with remaining focused? Let me tell you.

First, stress. Are you laughing? Good! You need to laugh more because stressed business owners are ill-focused people who make poor decisions. It is hard not to stress when running a business. So, how can you defer stress? Set aside fifteen minutes of quite time. Shut down the cell phone, walk away from the office, and just be quite and still for fifteen minutes. This will help deplete your stress and regain your focus.

Don't go online! Seriously. This is the next step to remaining focused. A recent study cited that people who work on a computer change their screen 40 times an hour. How can someone focus on a specific task with all this bouncing around between screens, email accounts, online interests, etc.? Solve this issue by making it appoint to ONLY do one task at a time. Don't keep email open on your screen and place your phone on silent so you can't hear the "ping" of new emails coming in. This simple task will help you stay focused and perform better!

Do you have focus issues? Maybe suggestions to help others stay focused?

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