Saturday, February 9, 2013

Take Your Business Drama to Your Mama...

Oh, the drama of being a business owner. Oh, the drama of being an employee. Conflicts at work are nothing new. So, I've decided to share my top three tips on avoiding drama in the workplace.

#1. Accept that you’re not the smartest person in the room. This is especially true for business owners and managers. Employees can have really great, money-saving suggestions. So, put those egos aside and listen. You might find business gold.

#2. Have a difficult conversation before it causes tension in the office. Don't dance around an issue. Address it and do so professionally. I once heard someone say, "critical feedback deserves your respect. It’s not something to fit in between phone calls ." They were right. Set-aside a time and place to have the difficult conversation and then move on.

#3. Think before you speak. This seems simple enough but we are human. If you just blurt out what a jackass someone is, you can be opening yourself up for a lawsuit- even if you are right! So, think out a response before saying one. If you need time to cool down, then say, "I have to think about this before commenting". There is no law out there stating you have to respond to something or someone immediately. Give yourself some time to cool down and to be diplomatic. It will make you a great leader and free of legal troubles.

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