Thursday, February 21, 2013

What your employees aren't sharing!

The workplace can be like a second home. And, this can lead to a level of comfort with certain employees, especially if they've been with your company for a long time. But, there are three key items your employees should NEVER share with you (or your HR department) to protect themselves. So, what are these three things that your employees should keep "mum"?

First, medical problems. Don't get me wrong- this doesn't mean employees shouldn't ask for ADA accommodation for a medical condition. That is illegal and not morally in-tune. But, if employees have issues with headaches, PMS, bladder issues, or any other "medical" issue that can be easily treated and it doesn't interfere with their jobs- consider it TMI. If these employees share the information with you then know that it can hold you liable at a later date. If an employee tells you she has constant migraines and later doesn't get a promotion- you're liable. It could be considered discrimination even if the oversight was not based on migraines and the possibility of absenteeism. I always encourage employees and employers to share medical information on a need-to-know basis.

Facebook! Don't share it. Don't be tempted to invite co-workers or one's boss to be a part of your social life. Employees who send their boss a Friend Request should be addressed. Explain why it is inappropriate for you to be friends in a social media forum outside the workplace. For bosses, accepting a Friend Request can mean giving away your position of authority. For employees, certain political, religious or lifestyle differences can cause tension at work. And, certain photos can legally get them fired. So, employees should never share their Facebook accounts with the boss or any coworkers.

Lastly, boasting about time off. Employees who overly embrace their time off send a hidden message that is only picked-up by a boss. The message? Something to the tone of "I hate every second I work for you and while I was off I was seeking another job!" If you have an employee who is sharing too much about his or her time off and how they hated to come back to work, chances are you have an employee who isn't happy or loyal.

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