Friday, February 1, 2013

The best business domains!

If you have or haven't started a business website yet, chances are that you're curious if you have the best deal on a domain. There are many popular providers, such as GoDaddy and Yahoo! Business. But, is ten dollars really the average for business domains?

As a business owner, I know every single penny of your budget counts. Below is a list of the top and cheapest business domain providers. I am not endorsing any of these websites but simply passing on the information.

#1. - starting at fifty cents per domain. - starting at seventy five cents per domain
#3. - there is a ninety-nine cent promotion but strings are attached.

Buy and selling domains to other businesses can be a lucrative business, too. I recently had a friend offered over four thousand dollars for a domain she paid less than a dollar for! Sure, this type of money-maker use to be more prevalent, but there are still opportunities out there!

Have a great business domain provider? Please share it with me!


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