Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free Business Plans? Yes!

Free business plans? Yes! They are out there. But, that doesn't mean these "free" business plans are good. In fact, many of them are not. I've been through dozens of business plans on Many offer ideas and financials for doughnut shops, liquor stores, and even pawn shop business. These "resources" can kill a business before doors even open.

So, how do you get help writing an actual business plan? Hire a professional. I write business plans for clients all the time. But, not everyone can afford to hire me and not everyone wants to hire me. I can give you the basics on business, but really- you should pair yourself up with an expert in your field.

Don't cut corners when you are starting a business. This includes downloading a free plan for a business or even paying for an online, downloadable template. There is more to a business plan than just writing down what you think will work or what you think a bank wants to see. Trust me on this, a business plan is a crucial blueprint for your success.

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