Sunday, February 10, 2013

Small Business is BIG Business!

Many small businesses feel that they can't compete with major corporations. This is simply not true! A recent study, derived from American Express, found that 78% of all consumers believe smaller business equates to more personalized service. Customer service gives small businesses the edge.

Even more so, small businesses with a fantastic online presence have a unique opportunity to reach a lot of clients but still provide that personalized service that consumers highly desire. It is important for any business, small or large, to have a human connection element- especially online! It provides the customer service and connect-ability that consumers are seeking. For example, if a consumer writes a great review of your products or services online then thank them with a personal note and an eCoupon. Don't just send a simple and generic "thank you". Also, if a consumer complains about your business online then take action. Apologize right away. Don't delete the post. Chances are people already read and aware of the complain. So, show you care. Respond in a positive manner and make a note on how you are going to correct the problem specially for the consumer and for potential consumers in the future. Think of social media as if it were a small town. News travels fast! Be positive, engaged and responsive.

Lastly, be honest. Great customers service comes from having good intentions. Again, think like a small town business owner when competing in the real world or online. If you are dishonest about services, you will be found out. Don't do anything you wouldn't be proud of should you get caught and the evidence were to be published. Be smart and genuine when conducting business.

These tips WILL help you compete against other, larger businesses.

All my best,
Twyla Garrett

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