Saturday, May 25, 2013

10 Ways to Tastefully Self-Promote!

We've all been on the other side of a bad sales pitch. While one person is spewing out details of something you don't want to buy, you're wondering when the pitch will end so you can move on to something more exciting. And, then you decide to pitch your product..... but are you making the same mistakes?

I've sat through some terrible presentations in my life time. And, I have presented some zingers too! After years of working at being classy, clever and closing-I'm sharing my top 10 ways to self-promote yourself.

#10. Don't ever promise something you can't deliver.

#9. Make blogging a high-priority. If you can't blog everyday, hire someone who can.

#8.Build your email list and rely upon it. Most important- don't send out daily emails.

#7. Distribute a press release at least once a month. It helps your website's ratings and you start to develop a relationship with the press- even if it takes a year to gain a clipping.

#6. Offer deals and discounts around holidays. Don't just promote normal pricing, promote specials too!

#5. Run social media competitions to help people learn about your company or services.

#4. Market your business using a video.

#3. Be honest and optimistic. Don't tell people why their ideas or business will not work if they don't use you, stay focused on why using your products/services can improve their lives/businesses.

#2. Use Twitter religiously.

#1. Don't give up and don't seem too desperate.


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