Thursday, May 16, 2013

Do You Travel? How to Stay Productive.

I'm always traveling. I practically run my business from my laptop. That doesn't mean I am not present when it comes to my company. In fact, it means just the opposite. Traveling no longer means you have to be disconnected from the office, or your staff, thanks to technology.

The key to traveling productively is to stay on schedule or prepare for delays. I use Tripit to keep my travel itinerary organized and my team informed of the details. The app itself is easy to use and it allows me to stay ahead of the game when it comes to traveling.

I also like packing my own portable printer. It saves me tons on cash and often comes in handy. But my biggest tip is the travel list. I developed a travel list that is divided into three sections. Packing, Presenting, Post-Packing. Each section has a checklist of items to bring and things to do. I keep it as a standard doc on my computer. I print a hard copy two days before each trip. This way, I have a routine of things that are staples and things I can buy and do when I arrive at my location.

I also promise myself an hour of veg-time when traveling. Working too much can cause your business brain to stale. I allow myself one hour to sit in-front of the hotel's television, or at the bar in the lobby, and do nothing but stare at the screen or converse with those around me about anything BUT business. This does help you become more productive.

Happy Traveling,
Twyla Garrett

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