Friday, May 24, 2013

Essential Items- Tornado Survival Kit

My tips on how to survive a tornado:

Consider the danger signs:

#1. A pale green sky is an indicator that a tornado may occur.

#2. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also advises to look out for the following danger signs: large hail, dark, low-lying clouds, and a loud roar, similar to a freight train.

Staying safe #1. A tornado watch indicates possible tornadoes in your area.

#2. A tornado warning means that a tornado is on the ground or has been detected by Doppler radar. Seek shelter immediately! If you are indoors, take cover in the cellar or a small space (a closet or bathroom) in the interior of your home. Stay away from windows!

#3. If you are outdoors, find a field or ditch away from items that can fly through the air and lie down as flat as you can. Do not stay in a car or try to drive away from a tornado. Cars can be flung about by high winds or crushed by debris.

#4. If you have evacuated, do not return to your home until it is deemed safe to do so by local officials.

#5. Do not seek shelter under a highway overpass. If you do stay behind the wheel, don't try to outrun the tornado — drive at a 90-degree angle away from the storm.

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