Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What you need to ask your employees.

From time to time I get asked about what business owners should be looking for when it comes to their employees. There isn't a perfect answer. Every situation is unique and every business owner's set of expectations is different. I think the best way to gauge an employee is by starting to ask the right questions before he or she is hired.

Asking someone how they heard about an opening with your company can lead to a lot of information. Does the candidate rely on a social group to connect with others? Is he or she constantly on the computer aggressively tracking down leads? Is he or she seeking a job or a career? Starting with the basic question of "How did you hear about us?" will tell you a lot about the person.

My next suggested step is to ask an employee what they liked about the job (the one you gave him or her) when they started. This will give you insight has to how your company is really viewed and what is being said about your company. I believe in maintaining a friendly but firm workplace. If someone tells me they liked the ability to socialize with their co-workers or "joke around" the best, I have a problem. So, ask questions before someone is hired and throughout their employment.

We all get busy. Knowing about your employees' perceptions can help you hire better people or promote the gems that you already have.

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