Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Business is Magic?

Men and women come to be every day asking what the magic secret is to becoming successful. There is no secret and it depends on what YOU consider "success". I was thinking about this phrase recently, "Magic secret" and became intrigued. It is funny to consider business and magic as one. And the more I started thinking about the two concepts, which should be completely opposite of each-other, I noted (sadly) that in today's business world they often aren't.

Many business owners use smoke and mirror tricks to make a sale, some try to mislead - gently of course- their employees to help promote a false message. The examples can go on and on. What a sad state of affairs for some businesses. Magic has nothing to do with success, ethics and helping promote a business within a community. Talent, if there ever were to be a secret, is essential to helping a business grown. Sales people who can pursued without lying or over-promising are what is needed in today's business culture. No one wants to be the victim of an illusion, yet it happens all the time.

My point is that we as people in business need to stop seeking out shortcuts and start getting our hands dirty. If you want a magic want to rake in success and money- then your intention within your industry is wrong. You need to be passionate. Yes, money is great but doesn't it feel better when it is earned and not the result of a sales or "magic" trick?

I'd love to read your opinions. Please share them with me and I will respond.

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