Sunday, May 26, 2013

Impress an Investor!

You have everything ready to go for your next business venture.... that is everything except for money. So, you need to not only find an investor willing to consider your business venture- you need to impress that investor! After spending years developing my own companies, sometimes using investors, I've cultivated a few tricks to help investors give the "yes" nod.

What I've learned is business investors are looking for a good marketing plan from entrepreneurs in the business proposals. If an entrepreneur does not have a strong plan for marketing in the overall business plan, the entrepreneur might find that investors are not interested in taking a risk. Marketing is everything. If you don't research the marketing end of your business, investors will not even consider your numbers. Marketing = interest in the media and potential customers, which = sales and profit.

Investors care but don't rely upon education. Don't think your degree is going to get you anywhere with an investor. It is nice to have but some of the best business people on Earth barely made it through high-school. Keep your presentation simple, engaging and don't over pitch your education. Stick with pitching the numbers and how your product or services can be marketed and marketed easily.

Finally, be hands-on. Most investors will look at the attitude of the entrepreneur presenting the business proposal. Having prior business experience always works in favor of the entrepreneur. Most investors like to give the money to someone who has had experience in running a similar business.

I'm not writing a blog tomorrow. Enjoy your Memorial Day!


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