Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tips for Leadership Success!

I hear people come up with the best excuses as to why they can't lead. That's ridiculous. Leaders don't ask for permission, leaders take charge. If someone is "holding you back" from being a leader- you're not a leader. It is this simple and that cut and dry. If you know you're a leader but need a little guidance as to how to prove it- check out my tips below.

#1. Know how to let people work. Real leaders care more about what is getting done and not how it is getting done. In fact, leaders expect people to be creative and resourceful when accomplishing tasks. If you want to lead, do so. Communicate with your team what you need done and when you need it done. Define your expectations as to what they need to accomplish and how much you are or aren't going to be involved in the process. If you have an excellent support team, which you should, then there is no need to worry!

#2. Answer your own phone. I learned this lesson from Essie Weingarten, founder of Essie Cosmetics, a nail-polish company based in New York City. Essie refuses to have a secretary even though her business does $150 million in retail sales a year. She answers her own phone so she can address problem, take suggestions and gain valuable feedback about her company. Essie leads by example and being hands-on within her company.

#3. Walk around your office. Leaders need to be involved with their employees. Don't micromanage, but show a presence. Walk around the office and say hello to people. Ask what they are working on or take the time to discuss what you're working on. Make people aware of what you are doing and become involved. Leaders don't bark orders, leaders help execute tasks and are aware of employee issues or project challenges.

Being a leader is something you are born with. You can refine how you operate for added success. Do you have specific exercises that help you lead? I'm interested in learning about them. Let's discuss on Twitter.

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