Friday, May 31, 2013

Rules for Life!

Today is Friday. I start out every Friday giving thanks for all the blessings I have. I also take time to ensure I am not breaking any of my life rules. Yes, I have life rules. These are rules I follow to be successful in business and within my personal life. Judging by my record they have worked so far. Let me share them with you.

#1. Love your own ideas. Embrace them! Never quit. Don't worry about the outcome, worry how you're going to make the idea work. People who don't believe in themselves will not allow anyone else to invest in them, either.

#2. Don't be so optimistic that people think you're nuts. I'm a positive thinker. You should be one too. But, don't ignore warning signs. Reality is reality. You have to make the best of any situation, but don't overlook it.

#3. Take a vacation each and every week. Ok, you're probably thinking I'm nuts now. Listen, most business people have become acclimated to our 24/7 technological culture. We're constantly working. I give myself a four hour block, mid-day, one day a week. I shut down all of my electronics and allow myself to watch a movie, go for a walk and/or get ice cream without checking emails, responding to people via Twitter, taking client calls, and so on. We need to let our brains rest in order to be more productive. So, take mini vacations once a week to help clear your mind and to unwind.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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